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1. What motivated you to pick up and read this resource?  
2. Were you able to apply anything you learned from the resource when speaking or working with young women? If no, please go to question 9.  
3. How did you use the information from this resource?  
4. Approximately how many young women did you reach with your message(s)?  
5. What is their approximate age?  
6. Approximately what percentage of these young women smoke?
% smokers
% non-smokers
% don’t know
7. Please tell us briefly what the reaction was from the young women.  
8. Do you think there will be any lasting impacts on these young women?  
  If yes, what do you think these will be?  
9. Do you think you will use this information in the future?  
  If yes, please tell us how.  
10. Have you read the accompanying Take 5 Action Primer that comes with Active & Free?  
  If yes, have you used the information?  
  If yes, please tell us briefly how.  
Thank you for your time in helping us evaluate this resource.





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