Stay Active & Tobacco-Free

In their own words

We spoke to a group of young girls and women to find out why they believe physical activity is a healthy alternative to tobacco use. Here’s what they told us:

Why do you think being physically active and involved in sports helps you stay tobacco-free?

  • Usually when you do sports you want to be fit and healthy. Tobacco affects your body in a negative way so if you want to be healthy, why would you use tobacco?
  • Well, I’ve never really smoked or used tobacco in any way before, and I don’t plan to. I know that smoking affects your lungs and I wouldn’t want to do anything that would affect how well I could run or play sports.
  • I’m a competitive cheerleader. I know that smoking decreases my health and my fitness.
  • I work hard during ringette practices and I would not want to throw all of that away. It would be stupid. All my hard work would be wasted if I were to put something that is not healthy in my mouth.

How does physical fitness influence your decision to stay tobacco- free?

  • It keeps your mind/body focused on sports instead of tobacco.
  • You only get one body and you need to respect it or it will fail on you one day.
  • You can’t be fit and healthy if you smoke. I’d rather be fit and healthy.
  • It helps because I see my life in a different way. My goal is to stay tobacco-free, and enjoy life and gymnastics.

If you were talking to a group of your peers about why they should stay tobacco-free, what would you say to them?

  • You’re giving your life away like its garbage.
  • It is stupid and makes you look old.
  • Imagine all the things you can in life but by smoking those dreams can be ruined.
  • No one can stop you but smoking won’t help you achieve anything.
  • Smoking isn’t cool and it will only ruin your life and waste your money.
  • Don’t do it because of peer pressure…it’s not cool because your friends say it is.
  • Travel the world and play sports instead.




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