Stay Active & Tobacco-Free

Motivate Me!

As part of CAAWS’ Active & Free program, the Take 5! Media Challenge was designed to encourage girls and young women to share their thoughts about how they are keeping smoke-free through video, audio or poster submissions.

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Take 5! “Motivate Me!” Media Challenge! View the winning submissions below.


Video 1: Katie (Calgary, AB) created this video showing girls and women of all ages and their thoughts on staying tobacco-free.

Video 2: The Boys & Girls Club of Winnipeg - Sister MacNamara talk about what it's like to stay tobacco-free during Girls Night Out.

Video 3: Adriana (Port Stanley, ON) created this rhyme that will surely stick.


Poster 1: Emily Knudsgaard (Cranbrook , BC) used her artistic talents to show the benefits of staying away from tobacco when you’ve got the right support system.

To view the a larger version of the poster, click here. (.pdf)

Content of this poster:

Gymnastics for me, tobacco free!!
I can’t run…
The skills and lessons you have taught me I can use over my lifetime. Beam. Floor. Vault.
You have been an inspiration to me in and outside the gym.
My and home. Key City Gymnastics
Haley. Taylor. Lana. Erin. Riley. Terryana.
Your presence and guidance in my life holds a place in my heart as an athlete AND a person.


Poster 2: Krista Heidel (Prince Albert, SK) designed this poster to explain the pressures girls and young women face when it comes to tobacco. She also described how it’s possible to stay away with the right people.

To view the a larger version of the poster, click here. (.jpg)

Content of this poster:

Friends (TOP LEFT)

Friends are an important part of our lives. The choices that they make can affect the choices that we make, as we want to keep them as our friends. Happiness comes from being with friends, even though we chose not to drink or smoke like them. Sometimes it means losing a friendship, but it’s better than losing your life!


Families play a big role in your life by the choices that they have made. Parents that smoke may know that it is bad and they don’t want their kids to smoke, or drink. Some parents may have consequences if their child smokes or drinks.


Coaches want the best for their athletes. They try to influence you to not drink or smoke because it is better for your body. They know that smoke and alcohol won’t help you to be a better gymnast.


The media is a great place to influence young female gymnasts to smoke or not to smoke, drink or not drink. The girl’s favorite characters can be making good choices and they might want to be like them. Singers and world famous gymnasts could set examples for them.


Fun cartoons are a great way to get the message out, such as these examples. The drawings are showing what smoking can do to a person over time. Also catchy phrases can stay in one’s head so they will subconsciously remember it when put in a situation like smoking or drinking.


The Simpsons I think is a bad choice to model after. Although Homer shows he is having fun he is still hurting his body. He is setting a bad example for young girls.

Side Effects (BOTTOM CENTRE)

Some side effects can cost you your gymnastics life style. You can lose concentration and injure yourself. Another side effect is that you can get tired very easily and not be able to perform at your fullest.

The production of the Take 5! Media Challenge has been made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.





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