Healthy Living Pledge

Writing down your goals is the first step in achieving them. Think of all the reasons why you want to stay active and tobacco-free (to be healthy, have stronger stamina, improve your work and athletic performance, save money) and make a commitment to yourself!

Share your personal pledge with family and friends, and put it somewhere as a reminder of why you are committed to staying Active & Free.

I pledge to stay active and tobacco-free!

“I understand that using tobacco products has a negative effect on my fitness and overall health. I choose to say “no” to tobacco and pledge to stay tobacco-free. I also choose to be physically active and live a healthy lifestyle.”

To stay physically active, I promise to:
e.g. go to the gym 3 times a week, take the stairs, walk to school, go skating, etc.


To cope with peer pressure or urges to smoke, I will:
e.g. take a brisk walk, get on my bike, jump on my skateboard, play outside with my brother/sister or friends, get moving, think about this pledge form & why I want to stay tobacco free, etc.


It is important to have someone to talk to about staying Active & Free. This will be my go to person when I need that support:

It is important to be proud of yourself and reward yourself when you reach your goals.

If I stay Active & Free for:


one month, my reward will be:
six months, my reward will be:
one year, my reward will be:
five years, my reward will be:





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