Stay Active & Tobacco-Free

Personal Stories: Why I’m staying tobacco-free

Makayla’s story, Age 15

Likes: Cheerleading, dogs and shopping.

I’m a competitive cheerleader so I need to be fit. My dad smoked for years and I was so proud when he quit. He runs marathons now – before he wasn’t active at all and he coughed all the time. I’ve been offered a smoke before but I just refused. I didn’t make a big deal or anything. I’m an athlete so I don’t smoke. Get over it!

Jessica’s story, Age 14

Likes: Badminton, dance and horses.

Playing sports and being healthy is important to me. If you want to be healthy why would you use tobacco? I’m staying tobacco-free because I’m in good health and I would never want to change that. Smoking is such a waste of money. It doesn’t make you anymore attractive. In fact, I think it makes you less attractive. You look bad, your teeth turn yellow and you smell. It’s also hard to quit.

Claire’s story, Age 13

Likes: Hanging out with friends, books

I walk to school – mostly every day. And I do cross-country/track in the fall and spring – Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I train for the biathlon in the winter – some running in the week and skiing on Saturdays, and play soccer in the summer – once a week. I’ve never really smoked or used tobacco in any way before, and I don’t plan to. I know that smoking affects your lungs and I wouldn’t want to do anything that would affect how well I could run or play sports.





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